Table Tops

Contract Furniture Solutions offers custom made to order Terazzo table tops for restaurant and hotel projects.  We use superior materials to craft our Terazzo tables, engineering all our product specifically for commercial applications.

TERAZZO table tops designed for commercial use.

Contract Furniture Solutions has answered the growing demand for Terrazzo table tops with a wide range of standard finishes available.  Our Terrazzo table tops are crafted with precision and approved for commercial use.

Terrazzo or inorganic stone contains up to 60% natural quartz.  It is made with inorganic adhesives and pigments without containing organic binding components such as resin.  The material is cast and formed using high frequency and high pressure vibration.  The use of inorganic materials helps our Terrazzo table tops achieve the international A class of fireproof standards.

Terrazzo table tops from Contract Furniture Solutions are environmentally friendly and resistant to extreme elements.  This means our Terrazzo table tops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  With maintenance for hospitality top of mind, our Terrazzo table tops are stain resistant and easy to clean.  Our stain resistant treatment is tested to exceed 72 hours.  This provides peace of mind to restaurant and hotel operators for any tables that may get left unattended.

Contact our team for more information on Terrazzo table tops.  Our Terrazzo table tops are custom and made to order. Pricing is available upon request, and order requirements are minimal.

Standard Sizes Available:

24 x 24″          24 x 30″
30 x 30″          48 x 30″
72 x 30″          35 x 35″
24″ DIA           30″ DIA
36″ DIA

MOH’s Hardness: 4~6
Density (g/cm3): 2.37~2.49
Compressive Strength: 101~109 MPa
Flexural Strength (Dry): 12.2~13.5 MPa

Dissecting Terazzo

Inorganic Adhesive

Heat resistant adhesive offers excellent adhesion with inorganic substances such as ceramics, glass and stone.

Marble Chips

Terazzo surfaces can include a mixture of marble or granite chips

Shell Chips

Seashells can be included in Terazzo design

Glass Chips

Terazzo can use glass chips which are often vibrant in many different colors, making the chips stand out

Smooth Tidal [A]

Mojave Yellow (A)

Perilous Blue (A)

Smokey Alabaster (A)

Golden Fossil [A]

Whalebone (A)

Arctic Fox (A)

Barren Sky (A)

Sandy Opal [A]

Kaleidoscope (A)

Peppery Scent (A)

Tropical Rose (A)

Battering Gems [A]

Black Sheep (A)

Iced Grey (A)

Coral Glow (A)