Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have minimum order requirements?

Most standard designs offered do have minimum order requirements (chairs typically start with a minimum order of 12 units). Select designs ideal for hotel lobby or public areas are available for ordering with no restrictions.

What is the minimum order for custom designed furniture?

We can supply virtually any furniture design when enough volume is being ordered. Custom designed pieces not in our standard collection typically require a minimum of 50 units being ordered to qualify. Contact our sales team to see if your project is eligible for custom designed furniture (often used by branded restaurant or hotel chains).

Where can you deliver furniture?
We ship furniture to project sites across North America with virtually no restrictions. Site or receiving conditions.
Do you sell furniture to the public?

We sell to buyers that meet minimum order requirements which vary by design. Minimum orders are geared towards restaurants and hotels. This being the case, many options would not be suitable to custom order for a residential project.

Does your furniture have a warranty?

Yes, Contract Furniture Solutions stands behind all product delivered. We provide a 2-year structural warranty on furniture supplied to commercial applications. Any product distributed from other vendors such as FLAT or Ratana use the warranty from the original supplier.

Do you have any furniture that is available immediately?

Most table tops, table bases, and FLAT-Technology table bases are in stock and available for delivery immediately. Select designs may also be in stock or eligible for quick shipping to accommodate projects with short lead time. Contact our team for more information to help plan your project today.

How long does it take to receive delivery of furniture orders?

Standard lead time for any manufactured product is 12 weeks from date of order confirmation and deposit payment. This does not include allowances for shop drawing review and approval if applicable. Additional time for delivery to site should also be planned for with any projects outside of Greater Vancouver. For example, shipping to Toronto typically takes 5-7 business days after being dispatched from our Canadian warehousing facility.

Can I select from RAL colours when planning finishes?

Only when control samples are provided to match for custom manufactured furniture. Most standard designs offered have predefined finishes options available to choose from.

How is furniture packaged and labelled when shipped?

All furniture delivered is professionally packaged to minimize the risk of any damage in transit. Boxes are clearly labelled with the project number and product code to simplify receiving.

How do you ensure quality product?

Contract Furniture Solutions has a global team that includes project managers, production managers and quality control specialists. Our internal team oversees the management, production and product quality in all projects that we supply.

Is there any way to expedite delivery?

Communication is always key when planning commercial projects. If your construction schedule does not align with our 12-week lead time, ask our team to check with production. Exceptions may be possible depending on the designs being ordered and existing production schedules.

Can upholstered goods be supplied using COM or designer fabric?

Any upholstered furniture we supply can be manufactured using COM fabric or leather, providing limitless options for designers. However, this does impact pricing and we always recommend using CFS commercial grade fabric, vinyl or leather.

Can you hold inventory and keep stock of our brand standards?

Yes, Contract Furniture Solutions offers stock programs for restaurant or hotel brands with regular repeat orders. We have the ability to batch manufacture standard designs and warehouse at our global facility. This eliminates time associated with manufacturing and lead time is based only on shipping stock (we recommend the allowance of 4-6 weeks).

What are your payment terms?

Most projects require a 50% deposit with balance payment due before delivery. Hotel projects have the option of choosing alternate payment arrangements of 35% deposit with 30% payment upon completion of manufacturing and the balance due before delivery.