Choosing the right barstool for your restaurant seating isn’t as simple as picking the one you find most pleasing on the eye. Of course the restaurant barstools you choose should fit into the style of your establishment and look the part as well, but there are additional factors you should take into account. With a number of crucial things in mind when going out selecting the seating for your restaurant you should be able to make a choice that is suitable for your specific establishment.

#1 – Choosing the right material

Obviously there are a variety of restaurant barstools out there for you to choose from and the one you end up with depends on your specific needs.

For example, a wood barstool goes best indoors as it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to leave them exposed to the elements. However, specific models may be able to endure the rain.

Additionally, wood restaurant barstools are a great add to the overall aesthetic.

On the other hand, metal frame barstools are great for huge variety situations, including a more industrial theme and they function great indoors and outdoors depending on the model.

They come in variety of colours and frame options, and can come with a padded seat or whatever would accompany the rest of your restaurant seating best, such as vinyl.

Metal frame barstools are stylish, classic and work in almost any restaurant atmosphere.

If you are looking for a barstool that is neither wood nor metal frame, there are great wood-look bar stools that essentially are hybrids and come in many styles and configurations.

Wood-look barstools are great for a lounge atmosphere and should be kept inside as they typically come with a fabric, leather, or other covering on the seat.

#2 – Choosing between backless or a barstool with a back

The decision to go with a barstool with a back or not is quite an important one. Of course if you want your clientele to be a little bit more relaxed and comfortable, going with a barstool with a back is a must. This option works great for sports bars where patrons are staying for hours watching televisions and enjoying the atmosphere.

It should be noted that stools without backs are cost effective and still quite functional. They are easier to clean after customers leave as they simply need to be wiped down and placed under the counter of the bar.

If you are going for style with your barstool selection, stools with backs often come with more design and character.

Once again however, if ease of care is what you are looking for in a barstool, backless barstools are lightweight and can be moved and reorganized easily without disturbing your guests.

#3 – Choosing the right height and width of barstool

Getting the restaurant barstool at the right height is very important to the customers comfort and overall seating arrangement of the establishment.

Allow for 10 inches of vertical space between the tables, counter, or bar and the barstool that the customers will be seated on.

There are short, counter height, bar height and extra tall bar height barstools to choose from. Generally most barstools that function best are 30 inches tall as most bars are 40 inches.

As far as width is concerned, you should select a barstool that allows for a desirable number of people to sit at the table, bar, or counter. Typically, barstools come in three widths (15, 17, 21 inches) but obviously this can vary for specific models and makes.

#4 – Is the barstool you’ve chosen easy to maintain

Depending on whether you have chosen an indoor or outdoor barstool and what purposes it will be serving, there will be different labour involved in maintaining them and ensuring they last.

A backless metal frame barstool perhaps is the least labour intensive, as it simply requires a wipe down to be clean.

More extravagant barstools with backs and leather upholstery or fabric could require more upkeep as they have crevices and nooks that might trap dust or dirt.

Wooden barstools are a classic for a reason. They are simple to clean, store and move well throughout the establishment and remain clean for long periods of time.

With all of that in mind, if you are in the process of choosing the perfect barstool for your restaurant seating, pick something that works in the space.

Keeping in mind what has been mentioned above in conjunction with any style requirements you may have for the establishment, you should end up with barstools that last a long time and serve many happy customers.