Choosing the right table bases for your commercial space will present multiple opportunities to maximize your business and further entertain guests and visitors. Whether it is hosting guests at a cocktail hour using standing tables, or simply providing the right table for someone to put their coffee on, table bases will serve your business for a long time to come if you pick the right model, shape, and material. Choosing the right table bases for a commercial space is something that should not be done lightly. Picking the right base will optimize your space and help create an appealing atmosphere for customers or diners to come in and enjoy.

 So, what are the aspects of a table base that you should be thinking about before making your selection? First and foremost, the base shape, height options, and the material it is made from.

#1 – Different table base shapes

Restaurants often choose to go with X-shaped table bases and T bases as they are the most common and the most popular. However, we have disc bases in stock as well that offer a contemporary and clean look under the table. Check out more information on the standard table bases we supply here:

Round bases work well with heavier table tops as they offer sturdy support in all directions.

Table bases that are shaped like an X work great with smaller and lightweight table tops that you might see In a cafe or pub where there is not much on the table itself.

The general idea of picking the right table base shape for your commercial space is to choose something that will not wobble when food, drinks, and objects are placed on them.

Beyond standard bases, Contract Furniture Solutions is also a top distributor of FLAT-Technology table bases in Canada. These specialty table bases automatically adjust to their environment to eliminate wobbly tables.

The unique hydraulic mechanism in these specialty bases also provides the ability to adjust and align tables seamlessly. This means multiple tables can be joined together to create what looks like a single larger table without ridges in between. This provides optimal flexibility for restaurants, helping to maximize revenue with various seating configurations.

If you haven’t already seen FLAT table bases in action, check out the brief videos on our website here.

#2 – Table base height

If there is a variety of styles and types of seating in your restaurant or commercial space you will invariably have to choose more than one type of table base.

For example, if in your establishment there are standing height tables that are used during a cocktail hour you will need much taller table bases. On the flip side, if you have a lounge area that needs a few tables, the bases will be shorter. Of course, if your space is going to mix and match the heights of tables and chairs and you will need to find the table bases that can be used, rearranged, and implemented where they are needed to maximize the space.

#3 – Table base materials

There are several options to choose from in what your table base is constructed. Cast iron bases are the most popular. Our cast iron bases are powder coated and suitable for a range of environments.

However, just like for the table tops themselves, there are specific indoor and outdoor table bases constructed out of materials made to last in their environments.

Aluminum table bases work excellently outdoors as they are rust-resistant, but by contrast, aluminum is a bit softer so if it is knocked into frequently it will dent and mark. Perhaps it is best kept for outdoor dining.

Another alternative is to get table bases that are made from stainless steel. This material is very durable and will nearly last a lifetime, but may require some upkeep to keep clear of scuffs and marks.

Whatever material you end up choosing for your space, make sure it will last in the environment it is placed in so that you dont end up having to reinvest in more table bases before they provide a full lifetime of use.