There is a wide array of restaurants out in the world. From fast casual to fine dining, they all of their own style and way of serving their customers. It’s no surprise than that the accompanying number of chairs that a restauranteur can choose from is nearly unlimited.

Getting the right chairs for your restaurant is much easier said than done. If you’ve been tasked with accomplishing this there are a few things you should think of first before even taking a look any chair models from suppliers.

#1 – Restaurant size and space

First, take a look at the dining space you are attempting to fill with seating. What’s the overall atmosphere you are trying to cultivate? Will this space have a bar, be more like a lounge, or a classic table and seat restaurant? You should decide way before you are shopping for chairs and then set out to maximize the dining area while at the same time not compromising the experience guests will have in your establishment.

It should be noted, it may be less wise to get as many chairs as possible into your restaurant as that detracts from the overall enjoyable experience of the guests. Try to reach a happy medium where you are maximizing the space as much as possible without detracting from the guests comfort, and you’ll have optimized the space successfully with your orientation of restaurant chairs.

For example, do you choose chairs without arm rests so that you can fit more guests into the space? Or do you allow for ample seating at the bar with high stools, either with back supports or without? Another thing to consider is will the chairs match the tables you are going to choose and do those tables allow for certain configurations of chairs that you may not immediately be thinking of.

#2 – Chair materials

The material of chairs chosen should match with the overall theme of the restaurant as well as be durable and easy to maintain.

Obviously, you want your guests to be comfortable while they dine in your establishment, but you should also make sure that nothing that can be spilled on the chair upholstery will be there forever. Perhaps even choosing chairs that forgo upholstery all together is something you should consider, but remember comfort is a factor.

Choosing between wood and metal is just a matter of theme and style for your restaurant and is totally up to you to decide what works best. Metal chairs usually are more durable and easier to maintain. Wood on the other hand can scuff but provides a certain aesthetic that many restaurateurs are striving towards.

#3 –  Chair size and multi-purpose

As your restaurant hosts various customers with a variety of needs, the seating arrangements will undoubtedly have to be altered. If your restaurant hosts special events, parties, or mixers, the chairs will need to be easily removed or reorganized to fit the situation.

 Choosing beautiful but heavy chairs will make this a problem, however at the same time slight chairs that aren’t as comfortable may cause guests to not return.

Having multiple useful configurations for your restaurant is a great way of increasing guest traffic into your establishment and that requires chairs that can be rearranged without breaking the flow of the space.

For example, some chairs that are meant for being at the bar of a restaurant can be used elsewhere in the space with a high table and vice versa.

Additionally, this means as a restauranteur you won’t have to invest in multiple models of chair.

Before choosing chairs for your restaurant, think of the space and size of the dining area, as well as the materials that would be best and whether you need your chairs to be multi-faceted.

 Match the chairs to the theme and style of your restaurant and you’ve got yourself a beautiful dining area that guests will love to visit over and over again.

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