Whether your hotel guests are on vacation or on a work trip they will undoubtedly spend some time in your hotel lounge. That being the case, the lounge chairs will make an immediate impression on guests as they enter the hotel.

To create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere there are a couple things that you should keep in mind while selecting your hotel lounge chair.

Are your hotel lounge chairs comfortable enough to spend extended periods in?

The hotel lounge is a great place to come and calm your nerves after a busy work outing or a frantic day of travelling. That being the case, the chairs should be comfortable enough for people to gather themselves and destress or socialize with other guests.

The lounge chairs in questions should have a reasonable cushion and arm rests to match. If you choose a lounge chair without arm rests, it would be an additionally good idea to pick a chair with ample back support so guests can lean back to their leisure.

Avoid chairs that are positioned too highly off the ground, as that is better served an environment like a bar or meeting room.

Are your hotel lounge chairs made to last?

As guests come and go from the seating arrangements in the hotel lounge, there will undoubtedly be some upkeep that is necessary as well as understandable amounts of wear and tear.

One important aspect is selecting lounge chairs that will conceal minor stains or dirt. Picking a chair in a darker colour will easily do this. However, you should also select chairs that match the existing decor of the establishment so that might not be possible.

If lighter colours are necessary, try going with a more durable material if you can.

Materials that are great for long term placement in a hotel lounge are chairs whose cushion is covered with leather, or some leather like surface.

Regardless the material of lounge chair that you choose for your hotel it should be easy to clean, either with a quick wipe down or dusting.

Can the lounge chairs be arranged for socializing?

Try not to select a lounge chair that is too dominating to the space and doesn’t allow for guests to gather together.

The lounge chairs should be easy to move and reorient to the changing level of guests and circumstances. This means that even if a lounge chair is absolutely beautiful and matches the decor, if it is very heavy perhaps it isn’t the chair for your establishment.

Ideally the lounge chairs at your hotel should be easy to pick-up, move, and change positions as required for guests needs and for potential care by employees.

Do all your lounge chairs complement each other?

Frequently hotels employ more than one model of lounge chair in their establishment to create an overall aesthetic that is inviting and pleasing to guests.

With that in mind, make sure all the chairs look like they belong together or accompany each other stylistically.

Take a look at the material colours and the overall shapes of the lounge chairs that you want to use, so that everything is working together to create a great experience for relaxing guests.

In summary, hotel lounge chairs should be comfortable, match the aesthetic of the establishment, be easy to clean, maintain and rearrange, as well as complement each other if multiple styles are used.

With these points in mind, you are well on your way to creating a hotel lounge your guests will love to spend time in.